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Dear Parents


All Public Schools are required to adhere to the following WCED admission time frames:

• School admissions open on Friday, 26 February 2021.
Parents must use the following website address –, to apply on-line and follow the application up with a hard copy, submitted to the enrolment officer at the school, within 14 days of application. The 2022 application forms will only be available on the school’s website during January 2021.

• School admissions close on Friday, 26 March 2021.

Please direct all enrolment enquiries to the primary school at (021) 976-3046 or to


Geagte Ouers

LAERSKOOL (Graad 1 tot 7) INSKRYWINGS 2022

Alle openbare skole is versoek om die volgende toelatings-tydraamwerk van die WKOD na te kom:

• Skooltoelatings open op Vrydag, 26 Februarie 2021.
Ouers moet die volgende webadres,, gebruik om aanlyn aansoek te doen en ook ‘n harde kopie binne 14 dae by die inskrywingsbeampte by die skool in te dien. Die 2021 aansoekvorms sal gedurende Januarie 2020 op die skool se webwerf beskikbaar gemaak word.

• Skooltoelatings sluit op Vrydag, 26 Maart 2021.

Rig asseblief alle inskrywingsnavrae aan die laerskool by (021) 976-3046 of aan