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Have you ever wondered if you are doing everything possible to help your child be the best they can be?  I, as a parent myself, still ask myself that question every day.  The programs we use at Click A Mouse have been developed to enhance the connections in the brain and to develop different skill sets –thus ensuring stimulation and development on every level, helping your child’s brain be the best it can be.  Our programs have been developed by child psychologists, teachers and parents who worked together with kids to see where they would learn the most whilst having fun!  At this age having fun is a pre-requisite for learning – the more fun they have, the more they learn.  All programs are educational with animals, animation colour and sounds to make the journey of learning a truly exceptional experience.

Isn’t it amazing that we can use technology – a medium we all love – to teach our children not only computer skills but also life skills and school readiness!  Computers are changing how we interact with others and learn about the world around us.  The computer van be a valuable tool for young children to access many new positive learning experiences.  Children who use computers in developmentally appropriate ways can grow in all areas of development and can build the skills they need for late success in school and in life.

During the course of the year we will learn about computer hardware and the most important keys on our keyboard  (also making the connection between the similar keys on the computer keyboard, cell phone and tablet keyboard).  Children retain information better if they can answer the questions “Why?”  and “How?”.  We will be explorers, open up the computer and even touch the computer’s brain.  How does the mouse work?  Understanding how typing appears on the screen and my cursor works creates a holistic experience on the workings of technology.

Programming is no longer a person sitting somewhere in a room writing code.  Coding is now done at a young age and we can already start to change the way we think about technology.  Knowing that we do not only have to use technology but we can make technology work for us opens up a whole new world.  Part of our lesson plan is introduction to coding – making young minds think differently.

Our aim is to have mouseketeers that are confident in the world of computers.  When they go to big school one day and walk into a computer classroom with 30 computers we want them to smile and think “YES! I can do this!”.

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