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Parking and driving around the School / Parkering en bestuur rondom die skool

Safety of learners / Veiligheid van leerders



Kenridge Primary School would like to share any positive news and exciting events, at our school, on social media.   For this reason, we have opened Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Please feel free to “like” our posts. We would, however, prefer parents to contact the school directly should they have any particular matters of concern to which they would like to draw our attention. We kindly request that parents please refrain from posting these matters on a public forum.





News articles / nuus artikels

We kindly request that parents should not send news articles or photographs pertaining to any Kenridge Primary School activity, to the local newspapers or any other publications, forums or social media sites.

Ouers word vriendelik versoek om nie nuus artikels of foto’s wat betrekking het op enige Laerskool Kenridge aktiwiteit, aan die plaaslike koerante of enige ander publikasies, forums of sosiale media webtuistes te stuur nie.


Safety / Veiligheidsmaatreëls

We wish to remind all parents and visitors that they must report to reception in order to ensure the safety of our learners and their property. We kindly request that you would immediately report any unauthorized persons on the premises, to security.

Ons herinner ouers en besoekers daaraan dat hulle by ontvangs moet aanmeld om die veiligheid van ons leerders en hul eiendom te verseker. Ons vra dat u enige ongemagtigde persone op die perseel dadelik by sekuriteit sal aanmeld.