Recorder lessons are enjoyable and a wonderful introduction to the world of instrumental instruction. Learners from Grade One to Grade Seven can take Recorder as an instrument. Sight reading and aural training also receive attention during lessons. The recorder has many advantages:

It is an exceptionally versatile instrument and (compared with other wind instruments) can be started at a relatively early age.

The cost is low.

It is a handy, light and mobile instrument.

Recorder playing develops the ear, because it leads to the intensification and refinement of listening.

Students will learn the correct posture, breathing techniques, fingerings and music notation as they develop the repertoire.

It provides possibilities for ensemble playing.  The Recorder is a wonderful instrument to prepare learners for orchestral instruments, like flute, clarinet, etc.

Learners easily change from recorder to any of these instruments, as a firm foundation has been set.

There is a large repertoire of early, high Baroque and modern periods for solo work, accompanied works and ensemble music.

Participation in external examinations, the Eisteddfod and other concerts is strongly recommended.

Lesson options: 25 minutes (once or twice a week).

Educators:  Nelmarie Strydom and Mirizca Theron