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Grade 7 Term 2 Important Dates 2022 Graad 7 Kwartaal 2 Belangrike Datums 2022

Gr 7 Content for term 2 Gr 7 Inhoud vir kwartaal 2

Stationery – Back to School 2022: ENG / AFR

Back to school stationery requirements 2022: ENG / AFR

Grade 7

The 2022 school year started with Covid protocols still in place, but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of our Grade 7 learners, who were eager to finally be the “seniors” of the school. Hulle het vinnig agtergekom dat deel van hierdie uitdaging was ook om ‘n voorbeeld aan die res van die skool te stel!

Each year, the Grade 7 teachers introduce a unique, carefully chosen theme for that particular year’s class, in order to make their final year as Kenridge learners as special as possible. Hierdie jaar het die opvoeders “RISE” deur Calum Scott, gekies. This song encourages our Grade 7s to strive to RISE to the occasions of life, despite the odds!

I’ve been staring at the coastline
Thinking of every choice I’ve made
To lead me here right now
Standing on solid ground

We believe that each of our children has the potential to be a unique person who has the inner strength to face whatever Grade 7 may offer. As the words of the song state:

‘Cause I’ve got my best suit on and I’m ready
I’ve got my sleeves rolled up and I’ll be on my way…

As Grade 7 educators, we pledge to support and care for our learners throughout 2022. Our goal is to encourage them to be themselves in everything they do, and whilst this might not mean that they will always succeed, we hope that by the end of the year, they will be able to say that they made full use of every opportunity to RISE above any “curve balls” which came their way. The very essence of the word RISE is “to move from a lower position to a higher one”, exactly what we aim to achieve with our Grade 7s!

You’re gonna see me rise
Oh, and rise, rise, rise, rise!


The Grade 7 Educators for 2022, are as follows:

Mrs B. van der Merwe                             (7BV – Eng)

Mr Q. van Dyk                                            (7QV – Eng)

Mrs D. Chandler                                        (7DC – Eng)

Mrs L. Tanner                                            (7LT – Eng)

Mr P. van den Bergh                                 (7PB – Bilingual class)

Mev. L. Kotze                                             (7LK – Afr)

Mev. J. Nadel                                             (7JN – Afr)

Mev. M. van Rhyn                                     (7MV – Afr)

Mnr. C. Dunn                                             Tegnologie; Afrikaans & Aardrykskunde

Miss J. Hamilton                                        Maths

Mrs D. de Lange                                        Geography and EMS

Mev. M. Steyn, Mnr. Van Staden           PE / LO

Mev. L. Hewitt                                           Kuns / Art

Mev. M. Nortjé                                        Kultuur / Culture

As Grade 7 educators, our aim is to ensure that your child grows both academically and socially. We take pride in the fact that we have a firm yet open approach with our learners. Ons wil graag gebalanseerde jong mense ontwikkel, wat hard werk, hard lag en die lewe ook voluit geniet.

2022 lies ahead as a wonderful challenge, and we sincerely hope that the Grade 7s will be able to enjoy most of their normal traditions, such as the camp, discos, theme days, the Grade 7 concert, Entrepreneurs’ Day, sports tours (and let’s not forget…TEST SERIES). We trust that our learners will RISE in every way possible and make memories that will last a lifetime. Ons sien uit daarna om hierdie jong mense op te voed. Educating the Grade 7s remains our privilege!