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To provide an environment where participants can enjoy their hockey and interact socially with team mates and the wider community. The individuals in these teams will have a passionate, deep understanding of all aspects of hockey (individual and team skills) and a strong commitment and culture to do what it takes to produce sustained success in sport at this level.


  • Provide quality training involving development of individual and team skills
  • Provide an environment that enables and encourages players to earn selection into Regional and Provincial teams
  • Develop team leadership and mentor programs
  • Develop short and long term team goals, team rules and a positive team culture (involving sportsmanship, respect for others, commitment, etc)
  • Establish regular coaching, player and team reviews to reflect on what works and where improvements should be made
  • Encourage coaches to undertake coach education opportunities so they continually strive to be the best coaches possible
  • Establish a source of resources (financial, personnel) to fund and support coaches and player performance and training