The question is often asked: “What is Microphone Singing?” This can easily be explained as singing with a microphone when accompanied by a backtrack.

Our mission is to expose the students to singing and performing in a fun and relaxed environment –

“Put your dreams into action!”

We focus on the following:

  • Learning to sing rhythms and pitch by ear through modern and popular music.
  • The use of a microphone and microphone techniques.
  • Stage performance with regards to the presentation of the songs.
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Developing the learners’ natural talent.
  • To be able to perform and entertain to the best of his / her ability.

Introduction to stage performance in the first term the “Soft Stage” for our “First-time Performers”

During the year, students will be allowed to perform in external singing competitions, as well as the opportunity to enter the Eisteddfod, Trinity Rock and Pop Vocal Examination and participate in our annual “Showtime” (concert).

We encourage learners to use their talents and to WORK at REFINING them!

Learners can take microphone singing lessons from Grade Two during school hours.

Lessons are 30 minutes (once a week). 8 Lessons per Term.

Educator: Janine Vos-Barrows (private tutor)