If you are looking for a fun and friendly instrument to bring some melody and rhythm into your life, the ukulele is a great choice. It is one of the most accessible stringed instruments, being affordable, compact and portable, as well as easy to care for. The ukulele has earned its reputation as an excellent entry point for learning an instrument. With just four strings and a small size, it’s easy for the learners to handle and play. With practice, kids often see quick progress, which is very encouraging. All the techniques learnt in Ukulele can be applied when picking up one of its bigger cousins like the guitar.

Lesson Content

We learn to play chords through a wide repertoire of light, popular music. We also follow the Rockschool of London syllabus that teaches reading and playing tablature (TABS). Tablature provides a straightforward way to play music without needing to learn complex music theory. Being able to read opens up a world of musical possibilities.

Opportunities and Recommendations

We strongly encourage learners to participate in the Eisteddfod and in school concerts. The teacher will guide those ready to enter Rockschool external exams.

Music is known to reduce stress and help people relax, and playing the ukulele is no different. Additionally, learning to play an instrument like the ukulele can boost your memory and focus, helping you do better in school and other activities. We look forward to welcoming you to the Kenridge Music Department!

Lesson options: 25 minutes (Once a week) group or individual

Educator: Albertha Filter