The electronic keyboard combines the love of music with the love of technology. It allows learners to gain both basic and advanced musical knowledge while developing instrumental skills in a fun and exciting way.

Keyboard Tuition

Keyboard lessons are available for students from Grade One to Grade Seven, with age-appropriate learning materials selected for beginners in each grade. Each learner needs to have a keyboard at home, as regular practice is necessary to master it. Teachers will gladly provide guidelines on the specifications of instruments needed for different levels.

Lesson Content

A wide variety of musical styles are covered during practical lessons, including popular music and arrangements of classical pieces. Lessons also encompass various aspects of contemporary music, technical development, sight-reading, aural training, and theory.

Progress and Examinations

Students can progress informally at their own pace or follow a more structured path with the addition of external examinations. Participation in external examinations (Trinity Guildhall), Eisteddfod, and concerts is strongly recommended.

Lesson options: 25 or 30 minutes (once or twice a week).

Educator: Retha Stodart