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The electronic keyboard combines the love of music with the love of technology.  It offers the learner the opportunity to gain basic and advanced musical knowledge and develop skill as an instrumentalist in a way that is fun and exciting.

Learners from Grade One to Grade Seven may receive keyboard tuition.  Learning material that is age appropriate is chosen for beginners in different grades.

It is essential to have a keyboard before any learner can start with lessons, as the instrument requires practice in order to master it.  Teachers will gladly give guidelines as to the specifications of instruments needed for different levels.
A wide variety of musical styles are covered during practical lessons. The repertoire includes popular music and arrangements of classical music.  Various aspects of contemporary music are covered, as well as technical development, sight-reading, aural training and theory.

keyboardProgress may be informal whereby the learner progresses at his / her own pace, or more structured with the addition of external examinations.

Participation in external examinations (Trinity Guildhall and ALMSA), the Eisteddfod and other concerts is strongly recommended.

Educators: Retha Stodart and Rohan Swanepoel

Lesson Options: 25 minutes (once or twice a week).