Grade Head – Mrs Celeste van der Walt –

Now that Grade 1 has officially begun,
Listen to our poem, we have such fun!

A is for abacus: one, two, three,
B is for break, we love to be free.
C is for crayons, colouring bright,
D is for daring, don’t get a fright!
E is for exciting, we love our new school,
F is for fun, Grade 1 is so cool.
G is for growing up and learning to write,
H is for helping to learn words by sight.
I is for interesting, lots of new things,
J is for jumping through hoops and rings.
K is for Kenridge, we are very proud,
L is for laughter, we love to be loud.
M is for Maths, we can now add,
N is for numbers, they make us glad.
O is for office, Aunty Janine is such fun,
P is for picnic with teddies in the sun.
Q is for the quiet zone, we can’t make a noise,
R is for reading for all girls and boys.
S is for spelling, we must know the rule,
T is for teachers, our new “moms” at school.
U is for us, Grade 1’s are the best,
V is for values, put us to the test!
W is for work, we do it all day,
X is for Xhosa where we sing and play.
Y is for you, the one reading our poem,
Z is for zzzzzzz…. time to go home!