Saxophone lessons are recommended at a later age (10 years and older), as a saxophone is a physically heavy instrument. Playing the saxophone requires good breath control and physical strength. If your child is interested in playing the saxophone, we suggest that he/she first attends an audition before you buy or rent the instrument. Playing the saxophone can be highly enjoyable, especially when learners reach the standard when they can play in an ensemble.  During lessons, attention is given to breathe control, technique, repertoire, sight reading and aural training. A learner must have his/her saxophone, or you can hire an instrument. The saxophone is a single reed instrument and reeds must be replaced approximately every 4 – 6 months. The instrument also has to be serviced once a year.

Participation in external examinations, the Eisteddfod and other concerts is recommended after a student has reached a certain standard.

Lesson options: 25 minutes (once a week).

Educator:  Adri van Wyk